Hydra Rod Pod 2Pod Classic

(Carpfishing Rod Pod for 2 Pods)

Product description

  • Rod Pod for 2 Pods
  • Intended for UK style (light style fishing)
  • Weight: 1,50 kg Rod pod
  • Carbon Material: Carbon fiber Toray T300 3K 200 tex (Material from Czech production)
  • Epoxy: Norms in Germany air production
  • Mechanic materials: Stainless Steel (function parts), TEXTIT Materials
  • Mechanical variability - 360° of every legs, 180° in every joint system 
  • Inner cases - Pertinax and POM materials 
  • For Alarms and Endings - Standard Fishing Brass threads
  • Extent (without ejection, in upright position) - 340mm x 185mm x 580mm (height, width, lenght) 
  • Standard Buzz Bar dimension - 185mm (center - center), Longer varianty 250mm (center - center)
  • Legs - lenght 300 mm, possible to eject of 140mm (maximum size of Leg is 440mm)
  • Each piece has its own unique designation and number
  • Package contents:
    Complete Rod Pod, Transport Case, all accessories, Manuals, Spare Parts, 2x swingers

PRICE: 333,00 EUR

Completely own develpment, constuction and production in Czech Republic!