MZcarp Rod Pod Boat System

(Carpfishing Rod Pod for Boat)


Carbon fishing stand for boat including mechanism for attaching to the boat. The stand has a unique arm (can be selected in different lengths), thanks to which you can set the stand off the boat so that it does not interfere with your boat. Therefore, it is anchored to the rear face, using 2 quick-release screws (no keys required). The rigid anchoring is designed with respect to the force lever at the end of the arm. After removing the stand and bracket from the boat, (2 mounting holes of ø 8 mm) the holes are to be filled with the supplied blanking plugs.

General technical information

  • This product can be completely configurated by Customer 

General technical information 

  • The stand is designed to be attached to the rear of the boat. 
  • Available variants for 2, 3 and 4 rods. 
  • The stand is adjustable in all axes (X, Y, Z). 
  • Supplied with carrying case and complete accessories. 
  • Material: Carbon, Aluminum with KOMAXIT treatment, Stainless steel pins, Stainless steel screws, Textile reinforcements 
  • Basic weight of the stand: from 2.0 kg (Depending on the size of the bars, body and adjustments)
  • The stand is equipped with a standard fishing thread 
  • Each piece has its own unique production designation and number 
  • Deployed arm size - max 500 mm (According to specific customer specifications, can be adjusted) 
  • Basic width of bars for 2 bars - 185 mm (center - center) 
  • Basic width of bars for 3 bars - 185 mm - 185 mm (center - center - center) 
  • Basic width of bars for 4 bars - 185 mm - 185 mm - 185 mm (center - center - center - center)

Version for 2 rods: Retail price incl. VAT (21%): 354,00 Eur

Version for 3 rods: Retail price incl. VAT (21%): 395,00 Eur

Version for 4 rods: Retail price incl. VAT (21%): 479,00 Eur

Completely own develpment, constuction and production in Czech Republic!