Origins and formation MZcarp...


Production composites throwing sticks've dealt with already in 2013, because I thought that throwing a heavy plastic or aluminum cobra is sometimes a rather too demanding. Even in September of that year stopped me the injury. I underwent several operations hinge on the right hand and fourteen months I could not do anything. So in light of this product we got unfortunately until now. Someone may say that the train had traveled this product, but I think that my product will be unique, if only because of the boil average, which is capable of holding a cobra, and quality workmanship.

I deal with 15 years producing of a material such as fiberglass, carbon fiber and Kevlar. I want these products even more integrated in the fishing world, thanks to their quality, mechanical and weather resistance. Meanwhile, although this is the first swallow, but other things have been going. In production is highly variable carp stand. It will be a product that is intended for all lovers of Carp, which will be especially useful for very difficult to reach místech.V Finally, I will in the future produce other fishing accessories. 

Sincerely, Milan mugs, owner MZCarp

I hope that all fishermen what my products purchases will be very satisfied. All reactions, positive and negative, very pleased to publish this. I think that all responses will contribute to the improvement of production and therefore the products themselves. I am of the opinion that the person has a different opinion and I do the reasonable opinion really appreciate. 

Sincerely Žejdlík Milan.