Throwing sticks

Throwing sticks can send your boilies to your catch place, near on a right place. We make Carbon and Kevlar products. We build our production on a honest and quality work. Our trowing sticks are make with special inside building of carbon fibers, which you can throw far and exactly on your choose place.

 Rod pods (Carbon)

Rod pods are usefull for stand your pods in a catch place, which you want to fishing. We make rod pods from Carbon, Aluminium, Pertinax and stainless steel. Our advantage is our concept of mechanical parts, which we design and make with CNC precision and light weight. See more information about this!

Banksticks nad Buzz Bars (Carbon)

Bank sticks are usefull for light fishing, which you can not take lots of things, only pods and banksticks. We want to come on a market with special variable concept of our products, like mechanical parts and light weight of products. See more information about this!